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Packing Gasket

Sell ​​Gasket Packing

Mekar Mas Jaya, supplier of gasket packing with low prices, the most complete selection of various types and brands. We sell packing gaskets which are usually used to close two surfaces together to control leakage. This packing is applied as a layer to coat the connections between flanges in pipe work or on equipment related to the machine. We provide this product with various brands including Tombo Gaskets, Klingersil Gaskets, Klingerit Gaskets, etc. Buy cheap products now through us for shipping to all over Indonesia for all your needs.

Sell ​​Sheet Gasket Packing

Mekar Mas Jaya sells sheet gasket packing that functions to close two component parts surfaces put together to control leakage. Mekar Mas Jaya has gained a lot of trust from customers in fulfilling gasket packing for industrial needs. Various companies have used our products for their industrial needs. We provide quality gasket packing and guaranteed quality. Our products have been tested for quality and excellence so that they can be used for your various needs.

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